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B-TWIG column PA system is all you need to provide a rich, powerful sound in any kind of application. Ideal solution for Dj sets, live acoustic sets, live singing on a backing track. B-TWIG 12 is a wooden system comprised of a top HF element and a 2000 W subwoofer. You can set up the whole PA system in seconds, and no sound engineer is required to connect microphones, instruments or other devices. Simply the answer to all those solo-tour performers. Load the system on your car, and take your music wherever you want.

It is composed of two column elements: a stand and a speaker. Both are equipped with the slide locking system, which allows the coupling and the quick release of the elements that make up the system, ensuring a safe perfect functionality.

Inputs, outputs and controls are placed on the upper side of the sub, allowing a quick set up and facilitating any change or correction during the performance. The powered subwoofer and the top work together to deliver a powerful response of the low-frequencies and a natural reproduction of the mid-high frequencies. BTWIG systems reach remarkable sound pressure levels with a precise directivity and a balanced dynamic response.

  • System typeActive column system
  • Subwoofer (B-TWIG 8S)1 x 12” Custom ferrite speaker – 2.5” VC
  • Array speaker (B-TWIG 8CS)8 x 2.75” Custom neodymium speakers – 0.75” VC
  • Average dispersionHorizontal 120°
  • Frequency response45Hz – 20kHz
  • Max SPL123 dB
  • Peak Power2000 W
  • Crossover24dB/Oct @ 200Hz
  • I/O connectorsLINE IN: 2 x Combo XLR-F + Jack 6,35mm (1/4”)
    OUT/THRU: 2 x XLR-M
  • ControlsMaster Level, Subwoofer Level, Phase 0°/180°
  • Housing12mm plywood
  • Dimensions B-Twig 12S (W x H x D)370 x 603 x 505 mm
  • Weight B-Twig 8S19 kg
  • Dimensions B-Twig 12CS (W x H x D)105 x 707 x 100 mm
  • Weight B-Twig 8CS4,6 kg



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